The Glory Path

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The Glory Path is the life story of how God brought Steve Lapp and his brothers on a journey to experience the deeper things of God. 

The Lapp Brothers grew up Amish in a family of 8 boys and 2 girls in Lancaster County, PA.

After a farming accident in 1999, when Steve and his wife Elsie and their family lived in Indiana, he began to study the human body and how it functions.

We began to realize that often there is a spiritual or emotional root attached to the physical health challenges that a lot of people face.

Steve, and his brother Jake, have been studying emotional healing for more than 18 years, and have seen tremendous breakthroughs in helping people find freedom in many areas of their lives.

The Lapp Brothers also have been involved in international missions and reconciliation work in Iraq, Israel, Switzerland, Canada, France, Haiti, and Germany, etc.


Based in Lancaster County, PA the Lapp Brothers have founded and are involved in multiple ministries including...


They have a passion to:

  • help people find freedom in every area of their lives through teaching, training, and equipping people to walk into their God-given destiny. 
  • establish a network that will support fellow citizens of the Kingdom of God on earth.
  • travel to different communities and connect with what God is doing there.
  • offer intense leadership training and help people to be free from the issues of their past
  • teach people that the deciding factor is not what others do for them, but what they learn to do for themselves, through God, that will determine their freedom.